Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Battery Tab Welding

In the last two days, I have battery tab welded 600 cells into 5 cell groups. The 5 cell groups need to be arranged cell end to end and shrink wrapped. I will do some basic testing to catch any bad cells before going farther. Then, 4 sticks make up one group of cells and I need 14 groups for each pack (560 cells total for the two packs). Once I have that done and two working BMS boards, the Twike will be back on the road. I decided to stop trying to fix the bad BMS boards and just order two new ones from Germany. I'm expecting them shortly. The cells are the "no longer made" SANYO CP-3600CR. I found a place to buy most of their remaining stock for about half of what digikey wants.

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Lex said...

nice work! I'll hopefully be back on the road by next week.