Friday, July 10, 2009

Today I put on 36 miles (a new 1 day record). I drove the 8 miles to/from work and worked out at Bally's during a late lunch. I zipped home and did a quick top off charge so I could drive all the way to downtown Portland for the monthly OEVA (Oregon Electric Vehicle Association) meeting. Coming home was kind of a challenge in that it is 10 miles, climbs over 1000 feet in elevation and I had it do it with my lights on which suck more power. No problems and I made it with about 30% battery power remaining. With 12 year old NiCad cells, I am not quite sure how much capacity I can rely on. BTW, the picture is of my license plate "Oregon TWIKE". It is a motorcycle plate because in the state of Oregon, a Twike is licensed as a motorcycle.

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