Wednesday, March 18, 2009

First Success!!

On Monday night on March 16th 2009 I put my partially charged reconditioned battery pack in the car with the intent of having the car charge it. Even though with level 2 access I could tell it it only had 1 battery, I could not get it to charge the battery. Then I tried just powering the car. It worked. I was able to put the car in reverse and move the car a few feet! I am working hard on getting the second battery pack reconditioned enough to get about 2Ah out of it which should be good for about 15 miles between the two packs. This is assuming the car will charge them full up. I should know in another week or two if this is possible but it was great to see the car move under its own power. I continue to work on my lithium based design which will eventually replace the Ni-Cad pack.

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